Instagram Channel

1. Introduction

In order to use the Instagram channel in the Business Messenger app, it is necessary to configure the Instagram channel.

Every Business Messenger app Account Owner has to have already created a Facebook Page that is managing and a Professional Instagram account, in order to be able to set and use the Instagram channel in the Business Messenger app.

2. Setting Up the Channel

The following instructions are for BM Account Owner.

2.1 How to Connect a Facebook Page and an Instagram Account

In order to connect the Business Messenger app with a Professional Instagram account, and start receiving the messages from the Instagram users and reply to them from the Easy Dialog app, it is necessary to connect the Business Facebook page with the Professional Instagram account the user manages.

It is described here how to connect an Instagram account to a Facebook Page from the Facebook Page. (It is also possible to connect a Facebook page to an Instagram account from Instagram app.)

In order to connect an Instagram account to a Facebook Page from the Facebook Page, the user should do the following steps:

  1. From the Meta Business Suite of the Facebook Page, click on Page settings on the left sidebar.

    Facebook Page Manage

  2. On the Settings page, on the left sidebar, click Linked accounts.

    Facebook Page Settings

  3. On the Linked accounts page, for Instagram click Connect Account.

    Facebook Page Connect Instagram Account

  4. Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox (this is important), and click Confirm.

    Facebook Page Connect Instagram Allow Access

  5. Login into Instagram with the account you want to connect.

  6. If the Instagram account is not a Professional account, select Business to turn the Instagram account into Professional account. Only Professional accounts can connect to Facebook Business pages.

    Select Business Instagram

  7. Add additional account info if necessary, and click Done.

  8. The Instagram account is now connected to the Business Facebook page.

2.2 Setting Up the Instagram Channel in the Business Messenger App

From the BM Settings > Channels page by clicking on the Edit Channels button Edit channels will open a new window where the Instagram channel can be set up.

Channel Setup Instagram

By clicking on the Facebook Login button Facebook Login button in the Instagram section and logging into the Facebook app, a new dialog will be opened where an Instagram Business account can be selected.

Select Instagram Account

By clicking on the Next button, a new dialog will be opened where a Facebook page can be selected.

Select Facebook Page

In the next opened window, by clicking on the Done button, the Business Messenger app will be linked to Facebook.

The Facebook page has to be selected from a drop-down list in the BM form. By clicking on the Save button, the channel settings will be saved.

Select Facebook Page

The selected Instagram Account Name, Account URL and QR code icon will be displayed in the Channels section.


The Account Name is useful to easily find the account in the Instagram app and start chatting with it.

Clicking on the Account URL will open the Instagram app where the chat can be started.

Clicking on the QR code icon QR Icon will open a new window where Instagram channel details are presented.

Channel Details

The QR code allows a user to access information instantly. Scanning the QR code with the scanner on a mobile phone, will open the Instagram app.
QR code can be downloaded as PNG and SVG, and can be copied to clipboard by using the given options at the top of the opened window.

2.3 Setting Up the Opt-in/Opt-out Rules

Opt-in/Opt-out Rules should be created in the BM Opt-in/Opt-out Manager > Instagram section.

Creating Opt-in/Opt-out rules is very important. Without defined Opt-in/Opt-out rules and configured keywords, no contacts will be stored, since there is no definition about if and how to store new contacts.

3. Updating the Channel Configuration

From the BM Settings > Channels page by clicking on the Edit Channels button Edit Channel in the top left corner of the screen, a new window will be opened where the Channels configuration data are presented.

Edit Channel Settings

For the Instagram channel, by logging into the Facebook app, the settings for the Instagram account, can be changed.