We support standard SMPP protocol (v3.4 issue 1.2) and we are compatible with SMPP v5.0.
For the standard SMPP protocol documentation please check out the page.

1. DLR Error Codes

Value (dec) Description
0 No error.
1 Unknown subscriber.
9 Illegal subscriber.
11 Teleservice not provisioned.
13 Call barred.
15 CUG reject.
19 No SMS support in MS.
20 Error in MS.
21 Facility not supported.
22 Memory capacity exceeded.
29 Absent subscriber.
30 MS busy for MT SMS.
36 Network/Protocol failure.
44 Illegal equipment.
60 No paging response.
61 GMSC congestion.
63 HLR timeout.
64 MSC/SGSN_timeout.
70 SMRSE/TCP error.
72 MT congestion.
75 GPRS suspended.
80 No paging response via MSC.
81 IMSI detached.
82 Roaming restriction.
83 Deregistered in HLR for GSM.
84 Purged for GSM.
85 No paging response via SGSN.
86 GPRS detached.
87 Deregistered in HLR for GPRS.
88 The MS purged for GPRS.
89 Unidentified subscriber via MSC.
90 Unidentified subscriber via SGSN.
112 Originator missing credit on prepaid account.
113 Destination missing credit on prepaid account.
114 Error in prepaid system.
500 Other error.
986 Fixnet not allowed.
987 Message too long.
988 MNP/System error.
989 Supplier rejected SMS.
990 HLR failure.
991 Rejected by message text filter.
992 Ported numbers not supported on destination.
993 Blacklisted sender.
994 No credit.
995 Undeliverable.
996 Validity expired.
997 Blacklisted receiver.
998 No route.
999 Repeated submission (possible looping).

2. Custom SMPP NACK Statuses

Value (hex) Description
0x401 No route.
0x402 No credit.
0x403 Blacklisted receiver.
0x404 Looping.
0x405 Blacklisted sender.
0x406 Unknown account.
0x407 No price list.
0x408 Unknown destination.
0x409 Text too long.
0x410 System error.
0x411 Unknown error.