RCS Channel

1. Introduction

In order to set up the RCS Channel, every Business Messenger app Instance Owner has to be registered as a Partner with RCS Business Messaging (RBM).

Once you are registered as a Partner with RCS Business Messaging, you will be able to manage your own customers in RBM admin console as Agents. Every customer, having his own Business Messenger app Account, will have own RBM Agent for RCS Business Messaging.

2. The Channel Settings

The following step is the channel preset for BM Instance Owner. Please follow the instructions.

  1. Register as a Partner with RCS Business Messaging.

    Please visit Register with RCS Business Messaging page, and find details for RCS Business Messaging Partner Registration.

As registered partner, you will get access to RBM admin console where you can create agents to represent your customers as brands that you send messages for.

With these step completed, we can continue on setting up the RCS channel for the BM Accounts.