Facebook Channel

1. Introduction

In order to set up the Business Messenger Facebook Channel, every Business Messenger app (BM) Instance Owner has to have verified Meta Business Account with an App approved by Meta.

2. The Channel Settings

The following steps are the channel preset for every BM Instance Owner. Please follow the instructions.

  1. Register as a Facebook Developer on Meta for Developers page.

  2. Create a FB App by following the instructions on How to create an App page.

    • For the app, make sure to populate these fields: Terms of Service URL, Privacy Policy URL, Contact Email, App Icon, for Category select "Messenger Bots for Business", Data Protection Officer Contact Information.
    • In the Settings > Advanced > Upgrade API version select v12.0 for both select boxes.
  3. Once the App creation flow is completed, your App will be loaded in the App Dashboard.

    • From the App Dashboard add the Messenger product to the App.
      More about Meta Messenger Platform you can find on Overview for the Messenger Platform page.
    • Add product Facebook Login. Go to its settings and set "Login with the JavaScript SDK" as YES, and for the "Allowed Domains for the JavaScript SDK" add your Business Messenger app instance domain.
  4. Please find your App ID and App Secret data in the Settings > Basic section of your App Dashboard. You will need these data for the Business Messenger app Facebook channel setup.

  5. Your FB App is still in Development mode and can only request permissions from Role users.

    App Roles allow you to control access to your FB App while it is in Development mode.

    You have to define Role users for your FB App to make your FB App and your Business Messenger instance functional in terms of messaging.

    More details about App Roles please find on Meta for Developers App Roles page.

  6. Setup a Webhook with a Verify Token and a URL you will get from the Business Messenger app.

    In order to get the Verify Token and the URL, please open the Business Messenger app's Admin Settings section, and then settings for the BM Facebook channel.

    Channel Setup Facebook

    A new window will be opened where you can add your App ID and App Secret data from the 4th step of this document. After saving these data, a pop-up window will show the URL and the Verify Token.

    From your FB App Dashboard, please navigate to Messenger > Settings. In the Webhooks section, enter Callback URL and Verify Token you've got from the Business Messenger app.

  7. Create Meta Business Account on Create account page, and submit it for "Business Verification". Business verification confirms that Meta Business Account belongs to an actual business or organization.
    More information and steps of the verification process, please find here:

  8. Add your FB App to your Meta Business Account. Please find the instructions on how to add apps to Meta Business Account on Add apps to your Business Manager page.

  9. You will need to pass "Access Verification" as well to verify that your business is a Tech Provider. Please check details on Access Verification page.

  10. Now you can test your FB App by creating a Test Facebook Page and start chatting with it. Only FB accounts with a Role for your FB App, can send messages to your FB Test Page.

    Instructions on how to create FB Test Page, please find on Meta for Developers Test Pages page.

  11. In order to make your FB App publicly accessible, you have to prepare docs and videos for App Review.

    In short, the app review process consists of adjusting the application settings. This includes logo, description, various legality/TOS pages, help pages, etc. After that, Meta will require a short video clip where they can see how the app is used in the context of the Facebook channel for BM Easy Dialog. This means that you have to record how to set up BM Facebook channel and how it is used in the Easy Dialog app (opt-in, chatting, etc). Also, you'll need to provide access to your platform to their team so they can test your implementation.

    Note: Since your FB App is still in development mode, for recording videos you have to use FB account with already assigned role for your FB App. Only FB App Role users can chat with your FB Test Page while FB App is in Development mode.

    Please find additional help documentation regarding the App Review process here:

    Docs and videos should be prepared for needed permissions and features.
    The needed permissions are: pages_show_list, pages_manage_metadata, pages_messaging. The needed feature is Business Asset User Profile Access.

  12. Submit your App Review for Meta approval for needed permissions and features for FB Messenger.

With these steps completed, we can continue on setting up the Facebook channel for the BM accounts.